Digital and Informational Competences as an Ecological Context for the Development of an Intercultural School

Hernández Martín, A., & Iglesias Rodríguez, A. (2017)

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Fifth International Conference in Technological Ecosystems for Enhnacing Multiculturality (TEEM 2017). Cádiz (España). October 2017.

We are members1 of a global and interactive society that allows learning to take place in any context outside the classroom using different technological devices. This learning beyond a specific spatial setting allows students to develop their knowledge and acquire information in the digital environment through different channels. In this regard, virtual communities where students participate in formal and informal contexts gain special significance, which favors the development of relationships where intercultural understanding plays a relevant role.

Participation in virtual communities or digital contexts where potential intercultural citizenship becomes a reality requires that teachers and students have an adequate level of digital and informational competence. These competences are essential both at the social and at the education levels, since they are basic tools for fostering participation and inclusion in society, as well as equal opportunities.

On these grounds, this paper first approaches intercultural competence as a key aspect for students to become aware as citizens of the potential of intercultural relations as a source for enrichment, to subsequently review a series of definitions of digital and informational competence and what their acquisition involves in terms of learning outcomes. Finally, this theoretical approach will be concluded by focusing on the analysis of the aspects that might be taken into account for the development of intercultural competence through digital and informational competences acquired through the use of ICT.

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