Effectiveness of the Oral Expression Linguistic Stimulation Program in the Syntax of Children with Language Development Disorder

Ayuso-Lanchares, A., Ruiz-Requies, I.,  Santiago, B. (2021)

Enlace a publicación

Congress ECER 2021 – The European Conference on Educational Research . On-line. Génova (Italia). 2021.

The prevalence of Language Development Disorders (LDD) in school-age children without signs of genetic or neurological disorders, and without other added difficulties, is 2-3%. In Europe there is no homogeneity in terms of action with this group, so this work presents the results found, using a program called Program for Linguistic Stimulation of Oral Expression (designed by the authors). It is used in the syntax of 33 Spanish children with LDD, in order to demonstrate that its use is effective in children with these difficulties and, therefore, it is essential that professionals know about it and this way, they can work with this program with their students, since it is very useful to improve the language of these children and therefore improve inclusion in the classroom.

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