The worldview and interculturality in the training of entrepreneurs: a model of participatory edu-communication in Ecuador

Ruiz Chagna, C.A., Iglesias Rodríguez, A. (2023)

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The education system in Ecuador has historically been structured in a way that excludes women, especially those living in the urban-marginal and rural sectors, where access and permanence are hindered by socio-economic and cultural factors. The objective of the study is the design of an Intercultural Edu-communication Model for the Training of Women Entrepreneurs (MEIFE), which recognizes and legitimizes intersectionality, Interculturality and the gender approach, as a sustainable path towards Good Living or “sumak kawsay”. The methodology used is based on participatory research that includes a qualitative-quantitative method, in which direct observation, interviews and surveys were used as techniques. The design was elaborated considering sources of indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian and mestizo thought. The study shows that the education system for women in Imbabura widens the gap in the rural sector: only 33% of the women surveyed have completed six years of basic education, and 15%, although they passed one or more courses, did not finish. Regarding secondary education, 14% of women have completed all years of secondary education, and 17.85% have attended one year of study. Seven per cent of the women surveyed had not attended formal education. In response, MEIFE is a non-formal education tool aimed at women entrepreneurs, developed taking into account the indigenous worldview, who form part of a community where it is necessary to create opportunities and encourage initiatives that allow them to generate income and guarantee their autonomy in coherence with their ancestral culture.

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